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Digital Revolution - Get on Board!

By: Kelly Dusek
Pastor Teacher School Principal (South Africa)
AMI South Africa

Ten years ago, I purchased one of those must have items while I was out at the shops. To be honest with you I had no idea how this little gadget would revolutionize my life over the next years!

This particular day I found myself in awe of this new little cell phone. It was the coolest thing I had seen! It had a full miniature keyboard and it could access the internet, send mail, and it was a texting machine!

The possibilities that were wrapped up in this little device were bigger than my mind could even comprehend at the time. My wife and I made the decision that with our lifestyle that this was what we needed for efficiency sake as we both spent a lot of time away from home.

We had the world at our fingertips no matter where we went. I thought we were on top of the world with this little device, but within the year I found myself wanting more from my phone. Crazy right I mean this little thing was amazing for its size but there was a new wave of technology hitting the market.

We were now coming into the age of the touch screen phones like the Motorola android and the Apple iPhone. I needed one, not to be covetous or anything, but I could see the possibility to do even more. I could customize my phone and its abilities to suit my needs even further.

So off to the cellphone store we went and we came home with new phones once again. This time though the world was really at my fingertips! I could download these little applications “apps” that would perform functions that helped my life. My favorite one was the Kindle app.

With this little app I downloaded my first bible to my phone. Then I started to see that I could put other books on it as well. Before I knew it I had a huge library right in my pocket. If it was not in my library I didn’t need it! If I did need it, I could just hop on the internet and find it.

I still recall going to church that first few times and pulling out my phone when my pastor message went to deliver his message. People were giving me “the look” as if to say, “hey what are you doing, don't you have any respect!”. Hey, I was just following along in my Bible.

Fast forward five years and now the pendulum has swung to the extreme and people should not be on their phones when they are, but thats a story for another day.

Now cellphones and tablets are dominating the market. There is almost nothing that can’t be done on these little devices. For me I have my iPad and my iPhone, and the two are able to talk to each other. What I do on one the other will copy.

I have an entire library of books and information in my pocket at all times. I can pull out the Word if I need to look something up or if I just want to bask in the presence of the Lord through His Word. I can also pull up one of hundreds I titles to read and be encouraged and challenged as I grow in the Lord.

I also have an entire music library on my phone and some pretty powerful preaches as well. There is no end to what I can carry with me on my phone or iPad. No matter where in the world I happen to be I have my whole library of books, music, and preaches with me.

Do you have a phone like mine? If you do and you have failed to recognize its value, you may want look at it again! You can be filling it up with all kinds of great media from our bookshop that will encourage you!

It is my desire to see you rise up and to be the mighty warrior that God has called you to be! You can accomplish this very efficiently using digital media platforms. You can save all those pesky fees to import our materials from the states. Not to mention you do not have the printing costs adding to the cost of your books.

If you are a die hard and need the hard copy of a book that we sell, you are welcome to print it off as we have enabled this feature on any of our ebooks. Our ebooks are always sent to you as a PDF file so you can print it out at home or at your local print shop.

The digital age is here and it can aid in efficiency for you in all aspects of your life. As a matter of fact, we have only just begun to taste the benefits of the digital age. So lets embrace technology and all that it can do for us because we can no longer escape it.

It is only going to get better, faster, cheaper and more reliable as time goes on.

So get on board the next time you go to place your order with us and get it in digital media format. I promise you will not be disappointed, as you will have have them quickly and efficiently!

As an added bonus if you add a jump drive to your order we will preload your purchases on it. So you will have instant download access plus it will be on your new jump drive and ready to print!

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