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PLEASE NOTE! We DO NOT provide "customer service"...

Instead we serve one another in Christ. Meaning, that when we help you out, we are not just doing our job, we are doing our ministry!

As a believer in the Lord Jesus, we consider you a part of our family and we pray that as you work with us, you can share in all the good things God has done in our lives.

We want to make your time here at AMI Bookshop South Africa as comfortable and easy as possible. That's why we would like to take you on a little journey?

Yes, you heard right! We would like to invite you to join us on a journey through our Shopping Mall and give you a few simple instructions on how you soon will hold the gold in your hands!

Are you ready? This is where our journey starts...

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1. Setting up your Customer Account

Once you are on our AMI Bookshop website (, you start our shopping trip with setting up a customer account!

How do you do that? Simple! You click on the link that says "Create A Customer Account".

2. Filling in the blanks?

You will now be asked to fill in all your information like your e-mail address, your name and you will be asked to choose a password.

After that you just need to fill in your billing address details and confirm whether your ship-to address matches with your billing address.

3. Login to your account:

Now that you have your account set up, all you must do before you can start to shop is to login using the password you just created and your e-mail address!

You will only have to login once. The next time you come back to our website from your computer, you will already be logged in.

PLEASE NOTE: Our system is case sensitive! So please put in your e-mail address and your password exactly how you put it in when you set up your account.

4. Browse for your products:

To look at all the products contained in a category, just click on the category links on the left hand side of the screen.

Then you can just simply scroll down and look at the short description of each product. If you want to read a description that is a bit more detailed, just click on the picture or the title of the product and you will be able to read the long description.


If you have a specific product already in mind that you would like to buy you can search for it using the search function on the top of the page.

Put in the name of your product and click on the search button.

5. Your Shopping Cart:


Once you have chosen a product and would like to purchase it you may add it to your shopping cart. This you do by clicking on the button that says: "Add to Cart"


If you want to delete an item from your shopping cart click on the button that says: "View Cart" and then when you see your products listed, simply delete the one you want to remove.

6. The checking out process:

Once you are ready to check out, all you need to do is to click on the button that says: "Checkout"

7. Check your Invoice:

You have almost arrived at your final step. All you need to do now is to make sure that the information on your invoice is correct.

If something should be wrong with your addresses you can edit that by clicking on "Edit Addresses"

Then once everything is correct, continue to the next step.

8. Your Payment:

You have now arrived at your final step! You can choose your method of payment and also put in some extra comments if you want.

Then you just click on the button that says: "Place your Order"

If you chose to pay with your credit card you will have one more step to go...

9. PayFast:

You will be directed to PayFast to pay for your order. Follow the instructions provided there and you will be able to complete your order.

You can either pay with your credit card or you can pay via your PayFast account.

We've arrived at the end of the journey...

That is where our journey through the AMI Bookshop Shopping Mall comes to an end. So go now and read some descriptions and choose the products you desire to get! I promise, all of them are worth gold and will change your life forever. So go get all you can!

If you did not find the answers you were looking for, then please go now to our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking the link below.

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