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Embrace Your Prophetic Destiny (MP3 Series)
By Craig and Colette Toach, Deborah Toach, Anne Chen
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Embrace Your Prophetic Destiny

Flow in the dynamic weapons of the prophet!

You've been called, you've been anointed, and now... it is time to walk it out!

In this prophetic workshop DVD series, get ready to discover the prophetic "tools" that will help you fulfill your call. It's time to let down your hair and celebrate the prophetic outpour that is upon the Church.

The preparation of the prophet is arduous and the training even more so, but this workshop is NOT about that! No, there is an upside to the tough journey that you have gone through, and that is what this workshop is all about.

When the Lord Jesus was called to fulfill His mandate, He was not left to His own devices. The Father anointed Him with all the power and wisdom that He needed to fulfill that call. So, it is the same with you!

Your mandate, as a prophet, is to bring the reality of the Lord Jesus into the Church. It also includes birthing every new move that God wants to do on this earth! A hefty weight indeed.

To get your job done, it means having to pluck up, uproot, tear down, and to establish a few things in the spirit. That is why prophets can speak with such assurance. With all that prophetic authority vested in you, imagine how much change you can bring to the church? To the world?!

The Lord certainly did not leave you to do the job alone... no, He gave you some pretty dynamic weapons that just happen to be a whole lot of FUN to flow in.

Every prophet knows how exciting it is to get a dream and know the interpretation, to get into their prayer closet and feel all that prophetic authority rise up in them. It is exhiliarating to be used of the Lord in this way. It is even better to see the results of that intercession in the natural.

We invite you to get armed and learn how to move in power for your prophetic calling. If you have felt that there is a certain edge missing, that there is more to be had, and that you can become more effective in your calling, then get this DVD series of the Embrace Your Destiny - A Prophetic Workshop!

Topics we will cover include:

  • Dreams and Visions - Categories, Symbols, and Interpretation
  • Prophetic Music - Prophecy Through Song and Singing in the Spirit
  • Prophetic Warfare - Angels and Demons at Work
  • Intercession: Establishing a Prayer Wall
  • Prophecy, Decree, and Spiritual Birthing

Do NOT wait to get your MP3s!

MP3s in this Series:
  1. Dreams and Visions - Categories, Symbols, and Interpretation
  2. Prophetic Music - Prophecy Through Song and Singing in the Spirit
  3. Intercession: Establishing a Prayer Wall
  4. Prophetic Warfare - Angels and Demons at Work
  5. Prophecy, Decree, and Spiritual Birthing
  6. LIVE Praise and Worship

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