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Spiritual Discernment Workshop Kit
By Colette Toach
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The Spiritual Discernment Workshop Kit

Shaking heads, uncontrollable fits, and Prophets of God reading out lottery numbers...

All of these have left many of us wondering - is this church or has the church become a circus side-show?!!! Yet, genuine moves of the Holy Spirit have been known to lead men to do outrageous things.

So what is the Lord and what is the devil having a good laugh? Where do we draw the line?

Today, it's time to shine the LIGHT! God is moving upon His church and He is shouting on every corner, but do you recognize His voice? Or is the church missing Him, because we are busy distracted with the side-shows of the enemy?

In this workshop, you are going to learn and how to sharpen your spiritual senses. It is time to know for yourself, when the Lord is speaking and moving versus when the enemy has put a wool over your eyes.

"If you think that you cannot be deceived, you've been deceived already."

- Apostle Colette Toach
Prophetic Training School, training the prophets

As outrageous as some of these common events are in the church... the truth stands: The spiritual realm is REAL. Jesus said that we are not of this world! We have power over the enemy and our weapons are not of this world.

In this Workshop, you will learn for yourself, how to navigate the spiritual realm, with a healthy respect, but a power that is not to be reckoned with - Jesus. You will have your spiritual senses honed, as you learn how to discern the Lord from the enemy and from the voice of your own mind.

Over 8 Hours of Audio & Video + 414 Pages of Reading

The following materials will be delivered to your Inbox and mail box accordingly. With an extensive selection of in-depth training, this kit delivers:

Spiritual Discernment (E-Book)



A compilation of teachings on deception, discernment, angels and demons and how to navigate the spiritual realm, this is the meatiest of teachings compiled into ONE book.

With checklists such as, "signs of deception" and how to handle demon manifestations, you will be fully equipped as a minister, to handle those tough situations.

Prophetic Counter Insurgence (Book)


In this book you shall be shown the secrets to COIN warfare.?Learn all about the "prophetic super spy", discover strategies that can be used in spiritual warfare, receive stealth training, find the secrets to dealing with fear of the mind, and where spiritual warfare begins and ends.

It is time to become an agent of Christ, capable of striking down the enemy at any time, in any place, and wherever the Lord calls for it. It is time to take the crippling blows of the enemy and turn them into deathly blows of destruction.

Strategies of War (MP4)


The kingdom of darkness is just that, a "kingdom". There is a structure, there is a hierarchy, and there are cracks in the wall surrounding it. Those cracks are strategic spots that we can use for the Lord?s advantage... if used correctly.

This kit will give you all the tips and tricks to forming a strategy to take down that kingdom.

Come and discover:

  • How the enemy has built a stronghold in your life to keep tearing you down
  • Why no matter how many times you kick the devil out, you still experience the lack
  • What it really means to fight the enemy before you, and how
  • One of the easiest ways to remove the enemy from your life, is to displace him


3 MP3 Messages


Over 3 HOURS of Inspiration and Meaty Teaching!

1. God's Word for 2016
2016 is your year of promise and miracles. Learn how to fight in faith for the fulfillment of each promise! It's time to rule and reign!

2. Persistent Prayer - Angels at Work
Have you ever wondered why some of the prayers the Lord said yes to have still not come to pass? In this teaching, you will learn how to put the angels to work for their purpose.

3. Angels and Demons
A comprehensive but powerful message about angels and demons. After hearing this teaching, you will never be in the dark again as to who is who, and what to do!

Prophetic Training School Lesson - The Gift of Discerning of Spirits (DVD)

One-on-one training with Apostle Colette Toach.

Play this DVD as Apostle Colette trains you from the comfort of your own home.

Taken from the Prophetic Training School, you will see why the gift of discerning of spirits is vital to your calling.

This DVD holds more than knowledge. Apostle Colette imparts understanding and with it... POWER.

5 Practical Projects (.PDF Files to Print)


How Sensitive Are You? - Test Your Spiritual Discernment

Apply what you've learned in these personal projects taken from the Prophetic Training School.

Geared to cement the principles you've learned in this workshop, you will find that you have not just picked up a few pointers, but you would have LIVED each principle.

Perfect for Study Groups or personal study!

These projects will not only challenge you, but they are anointed to chip away the dross and bring out the gold in your life!


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