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The Watering Hole Volume 11 (E-Book)
By Colette Toach and the AMI Team
Type: E-Book - 95 pages
ISBN: n/a

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Decode Your Dreams and Visions

God is speaking to you in your dreams...

What is it with dreams, that make them so mysterious?

Whether you are a Christian or not, dreams are always a subject of conversation.

The Lord is talking to us. One of the means He uses to talk to us is dreams. Now it is up to you, to find out what the Lord is trying to tell you. Like any language, it takes a bit of work to really know how to understand it and even speak it.

In the pages that follow, you will get the grassroots understanding to get you going in this exciting arena. Not only will you start to understand what the Lord is trying to say in your dreams, but it is an awesome ministry tool to help you minister effectively to others.

Dreams is really an entry level to ministry. Right in front of you is your opportunity to take your ministry to a whole new level. Best of all, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to do this.

So as you read these pages and pick-up the base rules, you will never be the same in your ministry again.

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Excerpt: The Watering Hole Volume 11

Excerpt from: Milk and Meat – Character Specific and Universal Symbols


There are symbols in your dream that are specific to you. These are symbols such as your pet cat "Fluffy," your mother, father and eldest child.

These symbols have a specific meaning to you and will change for someone else. This is true even in a family. In your dreams, your father could speak of the Lord, while for your sister, he could speak of the flesh – it all really depends on your relationship with your father.

An internal dream is full of character specific symbols. It might interest you to know that you can even have "internal visions." In other words, visions that are specific just to you.


A character specific symbol can only be applied to you, because the interpretation is based on your personal convictions and not on those of the Word.

The interpretation of these symbols change depending on your gender, culture, upbringing, and personal emotions.


In contrast, universal symbols can be applied to every believer, because these can be found in the Word.


Universal dream and vision symbols can be applied to every gender, culture, and denomination, because their source is the Word of God. The Word never changes.

It might interest you to know that many of them have the same meaning even in visions. For now, determine what they mean to you and also make a note of what their universal meaning is (based on the Word).


Isaiah 8:3 Then I went to the prophetess, and she conceived and bore a son. Then the Lord said to me, "Call his name Maher- Shalal- Hash- Baz;
4 for before the child shall have knowledge to cry 'My father' and 'My mother,' the riches of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria will be taken away before the king of Assyria.

A baby symbolizes the birth of something new. This is not always a positive thing. It can be negative as well. Not all of the things that we conceive in our lives are good.

This is true of this passage in Isaiah, where the birth of his son was symbolic of the birth of evil, that was about to come upon the children of Israel.

And so, not everything that you conceive in the spirit is something that you want. It is important to discern if the pregnancy or the birth in your dream is positive.

If you dream of being pregnant, it means that you have conceived something. Say for example, you have been studying a prophetic or teaching course and you dream that you are pregnant. It is a confirmation from the Lord that something has been conceived in you.

The principles that you are learning have started to take root in your spirit. It is a lovely dream, telling you that your new ministry has been conceived and will be born.


I remember when I had been released into ministry training, and about three months into it, I had such a clear dream. I dreamed that I was three months pregnant. I did not realize at the time that I had been on that road three months already.

The Lord was confirming that I was exactly on the track that He wanted me to be on. It was a message to nurture this new ministry, and to continue pressing on with it.

That is an important aspect of this kind of dream. In the natural, an expecting mother cannot just eat what she wants to. In the spirit it is the same. If you dream of being pregnant, it is not only a confirmation that you have conceived something new in the spirit, but also a message to nurture and care for that new thing.


Now as a man, you might not dream that you are pregnant. You could dream instead that your wife is pregnant, and it would have the same interpretation. Just like in our passage in Isaiah – his wife was the one to have the baby and not him. However, it was still a clear picture of something that was about to “spring forth.”

Because your wife is one with you, if you dream she is pregnant or giving birth, it means that you are birthing something new.

Now, if you have been seeking the Lord on behalf of a ministry and you are standing on the outside and watching a birth take place, this speaks of something new that the Lord is about to do in that ministry.


Perhaps you dreamed that you lost the baby or that it was stillborn. This sounds like a terrible dream at first. However, think about it for a bit. Could it be that the thing that you conceived was not of God? If what you are “pregnant with” is a bad thing, then this dream would have a positive meaning.

Perhaps you were involved in a relationship in the past and you dream of being pregnant from that person. In your dream, your circumstances take you back to that time in your life. Your dream is indicating that you conceived something back in that time, that has now been brought to death.

While that might seem negative at first, it could well be that it is exactly what God wants to do in your life right now. Perhaps He is calling you to let an old vision die or to let go of an old responsibility.

Not everything we conceive in the spirit is positive. There are times we receive negative things. On the other hand, there are times when seasons pass and the Lord calls us to pick up new ministries and mandates, meaning you have to let the old go.


To dream of giving birth or of holding a baby, speaks of a new responsibility that you have been given. Again, this dream has a double meaning.

On the one hand, the Lord has given you a ministry or a calling and placed it into your hands, but on the other, your job has just begun! It is for you now to take hold of that calling and to do something with it.

I never saw a baby that was born and left to take care of itself. It is for you to work from there.


Isaiah 60:16 You shall drink the milk of the Gentiles, and milk the breast of kings; you shall know that I, the Lord, am your Savior and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.

Breastfeeding has a double meaning depending on its context. It can either speak of nurturing something, or in the case of this passage, it means that something is feeding you!

This passage in Isaiah says that you will “suck the breast of kings.” In other words, it means that you will be given the best of those who “have it all.” This speaks of favor and of receiving the goodness from this world.


Breastfeeding a baby in your dream speaks of investing everything you are and all of your strengths, into this new spiritual baby.

When it speaks of your ministry, this is a fantastic picture.

It means that the Lord is confirming that now is the time to put your full effort into this ministry. He is encouraging you to put everything into this one thing instead of running around, wasting your time on other things that do not matter.

If you are breastfeeding someone else’s baby though, you need to determine if you are pouring out all your resources correctly or if you are giving something out that you should be putting towards your "own baby."

For example, if you have been praying about serving in a ministry and you dream of breastfeeding a baby (in a positive context), it could well mean that the Lord is telling you to invest the goodness you have, into this ministry and to not hold back.


You can have dreams where you give your baby away. This is a confirmation that the ministry you are working with, is something that the Lord wants you to hand over to someone else.

The Lord wants you to hand the care of that ministry over to someone else, so that He can give you something new.

At first, this might seem negative, but if you understand the symbol, it is quite positive. This is not easy of course. The ministry has become your baby and you have put your heart and soul into it and it is not easy to pass it on. However, until you are prepared to do this, you will not receive the new baby that the Lord has for you.

Now there is also a negative side. What if you keep dreaming that you are caring for other people's babies, or that you keep being handed other people's babies?

Do you know the English expression, "That's not my baby!"

Why do you think we say that? It speaks of our responsibilities and cares. So if you keep being dumped with other people's babies in your dreams, it means that other people keep dumping their junk on you.

They are putting their responsibility on you and instead of investing your time into the ministry God has given you, you are running around investing into the ministries of others. This is a negative dream.

The Lord is trying to say, "You are so busy running around fussing over everyone else and putting so many fires out, that you are not taking care of the ministries and gifts that I have given to you."

People do not like to hear that interpretation very much. They like to hear that they are a nice person who just runs around helping others with their ministries. However, it is one thing to be a foster parent - it is another to give birth to your child. Even as a father, you want your own child.

You do not want to always give back the babies you care for. Instead you want to have your own child and see it grow up.

There is an exception however. You might dream that someone gives you their baby for a season to take care of. Then when that season is over, you hand the baby back. In this case, the Lord is indicating that there is some task that you are going to do, but it is not permanent. You will be there to help these people get off the ground, but you will not stay.

Remember, it is their baby – it is not your baby. This season is temporary.


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