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Spiritual Parenting Workshop Seminar (MP3 Series)
By Craig and Colette Toach
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The Spiritual Parenting Workshop Seminar (MP3 Series)

Ministry Leaders - It's time to pass the baton

As a leader you can push through, you can originate new concepts and you can even implement them, however if you neglect to impart it to others, all that gold will surely perish with you.

An apostle not only establishes a foundation and pattern in the Church, but he sets others in place to carry the load, to take the burden, to pass the baton and those that will make sure God's will is carried out to the end.

A King knows his days on the throne are limited and because of this, his heirs and the legacy he will leave behind, are never far from his mind. What will be your legacy?


DAY 1: Friday, October 11

Session 1 - 10:45am

Speakers: Apostles Craig and Colette Toach
Subject: Spiritual Parenting Defined

Colette Toach: Spiritual Parenting Defined

Apostle Colette Toach takes you into the Word and lays out where spiritual parenting comes from. You will see that this is not a new concept, but a pattern that has existed since day dot. Find out why spiritual parenting is needed and why it is vital to taking the end time's Church into glory. It is not just a good idea, it is a move of God that is about to spread like wildfire.

How do you qualify for such a task? How do you know if you have been called to be a spiritual parent? Apostle Colette answers all those questions and more. You will walk away knowing in full detail what spiritual parenting is and if you have been called to fulfill this role.

Craig Toach: Spiritual Parenting Illustrated

Apostle Craig Toach brings it home for you. Sharing from his own personal experience as a spiritual child and then as a spiritual parent, you will receive a clear picture of what each one looks like.

By the end of this session you would have defined clear boundaries and rules within this relationship - each one having clear expectations and rules to abide by. Having lived the fullness of being a spiritual child and now a spiritual parent himself, Apostle Craig brings balance alongside conviction to what a spiritual parent should look like and how they should function.

Session 2 - 6:45pm

Speakers: Apostles Craig and Colette Toach
Subject: Mentorship versus Spiritual Parenting

Colette Toach: Your Team: Mentorship, Apostolic and Spiritual Parenting

What the mentor produces is significantly different to what a spiritual parent does. If you mix the two hats, it can bring confusion and tear down instead of build up what the Lord desires to do in a person.

Find out what the goal of a mentor is versus that of a spiritual parent. Each one plays a vital part in spiritual and natural growth, yet function completely differently from the other. After learning the difference of the two, Apostle Colette takes it a step further and helps you identify who to mentor and who to parent.

Then there is THE question: "How do I recognize my spiritual children from my apostolic children?"

Knowing this changes everything! Apostle Colette explains the difference between the two, helps you identify each one and then teaches you how to raise them up accordingly.

Craig Toach: Correction and Motivation

The first step to learning anything is learning what NOT to do. Apostle Craig Toach gives you the don'ts of spiritual fathering. During this workshop, you will have a clear picture of what a bad spiritual father looks like.

You may just see where you have fallen short, however, there is HOPE. Sharing from personal experience as a disciple and master, he explains how correction and motivation are key factors that a spiritual father should master.

DAY 2: Saturday, October 12

Session 3 - 10:45am

Speakers: Apostles Craig and Colette Toach
Subject: The Role of Mother and Father

Colette Toach: The Spiritual Mother

The role of the spiritual mother explained. From her function and the goal that she is to play in rising up a spiritual child, Apostle Colette will outline for you in simple terms, what your responsibility is, as a spiritual mother.

She will map out for you the pitfalls so that you don't have to fall into them. You will come to see the importance of your role, as she explains to you the natural desire in each of our hearts for a mother.

Craig Toach: The Spiritual Father

The role of the spiritual father explained. From his function to purpose, you will receive a fresh picture of how vital a spiritual father's role is, in raising a spiritual child.

By the end of this session, you will see that you cannot train up a successful vessel without a father. His role is vital and that is why in us all is a cry for a father.

Session 4 - 6:45pm

Speakers: Apostles Craig and Colette Toach
Subject: Wearing the Different Hats of Leadership

Craig Toach: The Role of the Spiritual Father

A spiritual father wears many hats: Husband, father, leader, covering, counselor, son, boss and friend.

In this session Apostle Craig teaches you how to walk between these lines. There is a time to be a friend and a time to be a father, and then there are times, when you need to be the boss. Learning how to switch between these hats will determine your success as a spiritual father. The goal of this session is to teach you how to navigate between these roles.

Colette Toach: The Role of the Spiritual Mother

Apostle Colette does for the role of spiritual mothering, what Apostle Craig will do in explaining the role of the spiritual father. Hats that a spiritual mother will need to learn how to switch between include: Wife, mother, spiritual mother, daughter, leader, woman and friend.

DAY 3: Sunday, October 13

Session 5 - 10:45am

Speakers: Apostles Craig and Colette Toach
Coupling both Ministry and Business Effectively

Craig Toach: Fulfilling the business function of ministry

Apostle Craig tackles a hot topic: How to make business and the concept of "money" flow together instead of strive together in your ministry.

These two CAN coincide with each other in harmony. Learn how to do business God's way and find rest on both sides. It is time to set aside the "survival" mentality in ministry. You do not have to drop the ball on one for the sake of the other.

Colette Toach: Fulfilling the work of the ministry

Apostle Colette speaks from the other angle: ministry! She will bring balance to what has been bugging you: How do you bring balance to ministry and business. How do you keep your eyes on ministry, when finances demand your attention?

After decades of walking this line, Apostle Colette holds nothing back, but shares how to avoid the pitfalls of doing business and ministry side-by-side.


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