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Prophetic Boot Camp (E-Book)
By Colette Toach
Type: Ebook in Adobe Acrobat Format
ISBN: 978-1-62664-101-3

Price:  R 17.48

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Prophetic Boot Camp

Rejection is the middle name of the prophet. Though it may be hard to endure rejection at times and it may feel that you are walking this road alone, it can also be, and has many times been, the driving force that leads you to Jesus.

The way of the prophet is one that goes through the cross, surrenders in death and rises up in resurrection power and authority. Deep inside you know that you have not gone through this hard road just to come out defeated. You have paved the way for others.

For it is in the training of the prophet that he begins to realize that all of His scrapes and bruises along the way are the very thing that the people will be able to identify with.

Just as Thomas looked at Jesus' hands and feet and could see the marks to prove that He was truly Jesus, so has your journey taken you though the cross so that you might bare those marks as well and identify with Jesus in His death and more gloriously, in His resurrection!

In this book, you will see and find out about:

  • How you have already gone through a process called "preparation"
  • Making prophetic boot camp effective and quick!
  • The Holy Spirit: Your personal trainer
  • The importance of inner healing in the process
  • Define and identify which category of prophet you are
  • The secret key to resurrecting in power
  • Passing through "Elijah Training"
  • Why "Elisha Training" gears you for prophetic office success

So, prophet of God, are you ready to sign up for boot camp? The Holy Spirit will be your sergeant and this book will be your training manual! Together you will be shaped, challenged, inspired and in the end, equipped to stand as a prophet in office.

Other Books in the Prophetic Field Guide Series

Chapter 01 ? Prophetic Preparation

Defining Prophetic Preparation
Understanding Prophetic Preparation

Chapter 02 ? The Death Process

The Purpose of the Fire
The Three Crosses ? A Prophetic Death
The Death Process
1. Death Process Begins in the Soul
2. Death Process and the Body
Not Destroyed

Chapter 03 ? Die Already: Your Secret Passage Through the Cross

The Road to the Cross
The Leg Breaking Experience
What Death to the Flesh Feels Like

Chapter 04 ? Templates and Triggers in the Training Process

Templates, Templates Everywhere!
My Hiding Place
Sinful Templates

Chapter 05 ? How Templates are Exposed

Pressure Causing You to "Erupt"
Identifying Triggers
Transforming Templates: Step by Step
Why the Lord Does It

Chapter 06 ? Ministering Inner Healing

Inner Healing is a Five Step Process
Step 1 ? Wait for Them to Ask for Help
Step 2 ? Identifying the Source
Step 3 ? Dealing With Sin
Step 4 ? Speaking Healing
Step 5 - Counsel

Chapter 07 ? Resurrection is a Choice

Victory Over Death
Resurrection is a Choice
Strength of Sin is the Law
When Do You Resurrect?
Flesh Dies, Spirit Moves In
How Do You Resurrect?
Arise and Use Your Weapons!
Don?t Just Resurrect - Do More
Resurrection is a Choice
It is in the Mind
Go Heal My People

Chapter 08 ? The Categories of the Prophet

Category 1: Sons of the Prophets
Category 2: Elisha ? The Leader of Prophets
Category 3: Elijah ? Appointer of Kings. Trainer of Prophets
Understanding the Transition
Moving Through the Categories
Determine Your Place

Chapter 09 ? Prophetic Training Phase 1: Cherith

Prophetic Training ? Elijah's Story
Your Next Season
Making the Transition
Clear Signs of Cherith:

Chapter 10 ? Prophetic Training Phase 2: Zarephath

Welcome to Zarephath
Why Zarephath is Needed
Transition Into Zarephath
Signs that This Phase is Ending
Clear Signs of Zarephath:

Chapter 11 ? Prophetic Training Phase 3: Carmel

1. Resurrection of a Vision
2. Ministry Opportunities Open Up
The Purpose of Training
3. You Face the Final Test
4. Placed in Prophetic Office
Becoming Like a Hot Coal
Clear Signs of Carmel:
Prophetic Training Pointers
Recapping Preparation vs. Training
Training is Easier With a Mentor
Assessing Where You Are At
Jesus ? The Reflection in the Mirror

Chapter 12 ? The Training of Elisha

How Elisha's Training Differs
There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Mentor
What You Should Look for in a Mentor
Do Not Overlook This Benefit

Chapter 13 ? Mentorship: The Double Portion

The Signs That You Are Ready
Mentorship Guidelines 101
Step Into the Clearing

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