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The Fivefold Offices for Today (Book)
By Colette Toach
Type: Book - 186 Pages
ISBN: n/a

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The Fivefold Offices for Today

The fivefold ministry has been a mystery that is only being resurrected in the Church today.

We see people rising up with the different callings, and we see how God brings these different individuals together and calls them to set the Church afire. But, what are the fivefold offices exactly, and where do you fit in?

Not to worry, God has already prepared a place for you. He started preparing it the moment you were conceived. Did you think all the trials you have gone through, and the life you have lived, was just a twist of fate? I assure you this is not the case. God has been shaping your character all your life so that He can bring you into the fullness of your calling.

He has chosen you and has given you a role to lead His people out Egypt, but you cannot do that unless you understand what kind of leader you are, or which people you are supposed to be leading.

There are five different offices, and each one is unique and very specific. In the pages of this book, Colette Toach lays out the clear structure, foundation, and origin of the fivefold offices that will help you to discover your place.

Are you an apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, or evangelist? Are you called to walk the social, business, or ministry road? It is time to reveal the road ahead of you, and to rise up into the fullness of your call. Where you are now is great, but God has so much more in store for you than you realize. It is time to take hold of the reality of your call to the fivefold offices.

Other Books in the Fivefold Office Series

Chapter 01 - The Fivefold Ministry Foundation

Not for Everyone
One Body
Origination of the Term "Fivefold Ministry"

Chapter 02 - Is the Fivefold Ministry for Today?

The Five Leadership Ministries
The Foundation
Understanding Our Dependency on One Another

Chapter 03 - Functions of the Prophet and Apostle

The Apostle
The Prophet

Chapter 04 - Functions of the Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist

The Teacher
The Evangelist
The Pastor
The Roof That Completes the Building

Chapter 05 - The Fivefold Ministry for a New Generation

How God Trains His Leaders
The Need for Training
The Preparation Phase
The Training Phase

Chapter 06 - The Fivefold Ministry Character

The Evangelistic Character
The Pastoral Character
The Teacher's Character
The Prophetic Character
The Apostolic Character

Chapter 07 - Fivefold Ministry - Three Roads

The Three Roads: Ministry, Business and Social
The Evangelist on the Social Road
The Evangelist on the Business Road
The Pastor on the Social Road
The Pastor on the Business Road
The Teacher on the Social Road
The Teacher on the Business Road
The Prophet on the Social Road
The Prophet on the Business Road
The Apostle on the Social Road

Chapter 08 - The Business Apostle a New Breed

Bringing the Three Roads Together

Chapter 09 - The Fivefold Ministry Purpose

1. For the Equipping of the Saints
2. For the Work of Ministry
3. For the Edifying of the body of Christ
4. Till We all Come to the Unity of the Faith
5. And of the Knowledge of the Son of God
6. To a Perfect Man (To the Measure of the Stature of the Fullness of Christ)
The Journey Begins

Bonus Chapter - The Local vs. Universal Church

The Early Church
The Local Church Personality
The Universal Church Personality

Excerpt - Coming Soon!



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