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Prophetic Warrior (Book)
By Colette Toach
Type: Book - 294 Pages
ISBN: n/a

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Prophetic Warrior

Stand in authority and take the land!

In the heart of every prophet, there lies a warrior, a David, that is ready to slay Goliath. If you tell a prophet that there is nothing that you can do to overcome the enemy, you will find yourself being challenged and having a story shared with you about the victory that you should walk in with Christ.

A true warrior holds no excuses as to why he cannot defeat his enemy and so is true with a genuine prophet of God. He is ready to take up the weapons of warfare that God has prepared for Him and to set the captives free and heal the brokenhearted.

The prophet that God has called is ready to step onto the battlefield, gain victory in his own life, and then share the secrets to obtaining victory to all those around him.

In this book, you will find out about:

  • Warfare at the highest level
  • The different battlefields of the enemy
  • The structure of satan's kingdom
  • The power of your sword
  • The reality of your authority in Christ

Prophet of God, now is the time to face your own limitations and your own bondages and to see what has been holding you back from walking as the warrior that God has called you to be.

Once this is done, you may then step out, pick up your sword and break the chains of wickedness from God's people, and the fire in you will blaze as never before.

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Satan has a Structure
Satan is Defeated
Satan is a Terrorist
Satan Hates Man
Enter: The Prophet

Chapter 01 - External and Internal Oppression

What Oppression Feels Like
External Oppression
Where External Oppression Originates
Internal Oppression
Where Internal Oppression Originates

Chapter 02 - Satan's Kingdom - Principalities and Powers

What They Look Like in the Spirit
How to Spot Them
What They Look Like
How to Spot Them

Chapter 03 - Satan's Kingdom - Rulers and Princes

What They Look Like
How to Spot Them
Demon Possession: Believer vs. Unbeliever
Wickedness in High Places - Princes
What they Look Like
How to Spot Them
Counsel of Wickedness
Principalities, Powers, Rulers, Princes

Chapter 04 - Your Sword Was Made for Battle

The Wiles of the Enemy
The War of the Ages
Our City
Dispelling Misconceptions Regarding Spiritual Warfare
Prophet = Target
You are at War
Welcome to Weapon's Training

Chapter 05 - Satan's Battlefield - The Mind

The Condition of Your Soul
How Satan Attacks Your Mind
1. The Mind
My Wrestle With Fear
2. Emotions
3. Your Will
How to Overcome
1. Voice Your Struggle
2. Renew Your Mind With Promises
3. Respond Correctly
4. Get Into His Presence

Chapter 06 - Satan's Battlefield - Temptation Through Circumstance

Know Your Tests!
Then Entered Circumstances...
Taking It Up a Notch
The Power of the Spirit
Pack Your Gunpowder - the Word
Pick a Fight With the Devil
Did you Fail?

Chapter 07 - Satan's Battlefield - World Systems

The Ultimate Offensive Warfare
Recognizing the Attacks
Offensive Warfare
When the Enemy Picks the Fight
When you Pick the Fight
Taking Land for Others
From Infantry to Officer

Chapter 08 - How Satan Gains License

When Satan Gets Your ATM Card
Get Rid of Your Normal
We're Not Gonna Take It!
Know Which Sin is Sin
Heart Sins
1. Bitterness
2. Fear
3. Obligation (Guilt)
4. Disobedience and Rebellion
Consequences to Sin
Let's Do the Three Step!
Confess. Submit. Resist
The Three Step in Action

Chapter 09 - How Satan Gains License Through Others

Contamination - How You Partake of Leaven
1. Contamination Through Spiritual Links
I Need This So Bad!
2. Sexual Relations
3. Spiritual Impartation
4. Doctrine
5. Prayers Sent Against You - Friendly Fire
6. Praying Unled
Rise to the Challenge

Chapter 10 - Our Position in Christ

Too Demon Conscious
Where Demons are Limited
Singling Out the Victim Mentality
Understanding What Jesus Did
The Price of Sin
A Revolutionary Conviction
Seated in Heavenly Places
Establish a Favorable Battlefield
Blood. Name. Victory.
The Warrior Rises

Chapter 11 - Weapons Training in Authority

You Need Training
Weapons of Warfare
Spirit and Word
Sharpen Your Sword
Building Your Own Stronghold

Chapter 12 - Arm Yourself

Gird Your Loins
Name Your Cause
Breastplate of Righteousness
The Gospel of Peace
Learn "the Tone"
Don't React... Act
Shield of Faith
Helmet of Salvation
The Sword of the Spirit
Let's Recap
The Average Duration of a Battle
Putting on Christ

Chapter 13 - Angels at Arms

The Omega of Spiritual Warfare
Giving God License
The Battlefield of the Mind
The Battlefield of Circumstances
The Battlefield of Systems
Bonus Materials - Scripture Promises

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