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Blessing Kids Manual (E-Book)
By Craig W. Toach
Type: E-Book - 183 Pages
ISBN: n/a

Price:  R 130.00

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Blessing Kids Manual

Do your kids know that Jesus is the one who blesses His children?

Most parents find it difficult to explain the deep principles of the spiritual life to their children. So they pass the responsibility to others.
  1. They expect the Sunday School Teacher to explain spiritual truths to their kids
  2. They hope that the Educational System will equip their children to live effective lives
  3. They try not to impose too much on kids until they are old enough to understand better

But there is a better way!

Apostle Craig Toach has succeeded in accomplishing something that few adults can do.

He has presented very deep spiritual truths in a language that children can understand.

These stories accomplish the following amazing results:

  1. The language is simple and easy for children to understand
  2. The stories are interesting and even adults enjoy them
  3. The principles cover everyday life and teach children how to deal with daily problems
  4. The teachings are often deep spiritual truths which many adults have never grasped
  5. Every story brings the child face to face with Jesus and makes Him a very real person to the child

The book contains twenty three stories that each will teach a child a valuable lesson from life and how to handle the problems of life in a Scriptural way.

Each story is based on real events that took place in the lives of real people. So they are not fantasy, but are the kind of things that most children are likely to experience in life.


Chapter 01 - I Can Do This
Chapter 02 - Daddy I'm Scared
Chapter 03 - Jesus Protected Me
Chapter 04 - Talking Out Loud
Chapter 05 - Forgiveness Isn't Hard
Chapter 06 - Giving Is Fun
Chapter 07 - Help, I'm Lost
Chapter 08 - Jesus Gave Me Wisdom
Chapter 09 - Lord Jesus Listens
Chapter 10 - The Loving Shepherd
Chapter 11 - Help Is On The Way
Chapter 12 - I Am All Better
Chapter 13 - I'm A Big Brother
Chapter 14 - Leaving It Behind
Chapter 15 - Jesus Loves Everyone
Chapter 16 - I Got What I Asked For
Chapter 17 - I Found My Place
Chapter 18 - A Gift From Jesus
Chapter 19 - Stealing Causes Trouble
Chapter 20 - Greediness Is Not For Me
Chapter 21 - Getting Out Of Trouble
Chapter 22 - I Want My Mommy and Daddy
Chapter 23 - I Know My Authority

You Should Get This Book If...
  1. You have children who are old enough to enjoy stories
  2. You deeply desire to minister to children
  3. You have bad childhood experiences that still plague you
  4. You know a family that would be blessed by this book and would like to give it to them as a gift
  5. You would like to read some simple stories witten in a language that is not for college professors

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