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Todays Evangelist (E-Book)
By Colette Toach
Type: E-Book - 107 Pages
ISBN: n/a

Price:  R 155.00

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Today's Evangelist

All it takes is one spark to get a wildfire started.

Once that fire starts, it is nearly impossible to stop. The fire will roar loudly, burn hot, and reach incredibly high. It will be in one part of a forest one moment, and with the slightest brush of a breeze, it will jump whole acres to spread its flames and start a new blaze that will consume everything in its path.

That spark is the Lord, the fire is the evangelist and the breeze that directs the fire is the Holy Spirit. This is what an evangelist is called to do. They are called to start a fire in the hearts and souls of both fellow believers and unbelievers alike that brings us into a reality of Christ.

As an evangelist, you are called to start churches, to bring life to the dead, to bring people into the embrace of the Holy Spirit, and open their eyes to the power of Christ. You are a fire starter...

You were never meant to sit at home waiting around for the Lord. No, rather you are called by the Lord to go out and to bring His wildfire to the nations so that He may consume the darkness and enlighten the people who are lost and wandering around in the dark.

Now, if you are going to start a wildfire, you need to know where you come from, where you are going, and how you will get there. You need to understand the power that you hold and how to wield it. Apostle Colette Toach will tell you just that.

In this book, Apostle Colette will show you where the evangelist came from, what their role is in the fivefold ministry, and how and where they operate. So be prepared to go higher and understand your call as an evangelist like never before.

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Chapter 01 - Chapter 01 - Identifying Today's Evangelist

The Ministry That Did Not Exist
Separation Takes Place
Evangelist vs. Prophet
Two New Ministry Categories
The Function of Old Testament Prophets
New Covenant Structure
John the Baptist Transition to Evangelist
The Fire Bringers
The Role of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit and Evangelist BFFs
What the Evangelist Hates
A Revival Gone Bad
Separated, but not Alone

Chapter 02 - Transition from Old to New Testament

John was the Bridge (Yet Still Falling Short)
The Old vs. New Testament Evangelist and Prophet
John and Jesus, Fire and Ice
The Evangelist Today - The Fire Starter!

Chapter 03 - Signs of the Evangelist

1. The Evangelist Goes Out
2. Teaches the Good News and Baptism of the Holy Spirit
3. Sin Consciousness (Brings Conviction of Sin)
4. Functions in all the Gifts of the Spirit (With Emphasis on the Power Gifts)
5. Strong in Spiritual Warfare - Demon Manifestations
6. A Close Relationship With the Holy Spirit
7. Revivalists
8. They Start Ministries
9. Prophesy to the Nations
10. Orientation Towards the Unsaved and the Church
11. The One who Goes Ahead

Chapter 04 - Called as an Evangelist

The State of the Church Today
Why the Fire Died
Solutions From the World
The Pattern and the Power
Where the True Pattern Lies
The Role of the Evangelist
The Evangelist and the Church
Called to Start a Fire
Bringing Back the Power of Salvation
Reminding Believers of Their First Love
The Call of the Evangelist
Where is God?
Living the Abundant Life
What the Evangelist Does (The Purpose of the Evangelist)

Chapter 05 - The Evangelist's Purpose

The Evangelist Starts the Work
Evangelist Creates Spiritual Hunger
Bringing a Conviction to Pray
God Will Send His Servants
The Evangelist in the Local and Universal Church
The Evangelist in the Local Church
The Evangelist in the Universal Church
Evangelists Training up Other Evangelists
Spiritual Warfare Over Nations

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