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Building a New You - Ministry, Business and Social Life (MP3 Download)
By Colette Toach
Type: MP3 Download
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Building a New You - Ministry, Business and Social Life (MP3 Downloads)

Building a New You! Combining Ministry, Business, and Your Social Life.

God wants YOU to be the image of SUCCESS - in ministry, in relationships, and in business. His plan is to MAKE you look like His glory!

You have a calling, not only to be a minister, but to be a beacon of light in all areas of your life. If you're going to be on the front lines and shine for Him, you can believe He is going to make you SHINE. When the world and the Church looks at you, they should see an abundant life, infused with favor and blessing.

Not quite there yet?! We've been there but didn't stay there, and now we want to show you the way out. Preached during an intimate seminar to those in high level leadership, this series paves the way for the next generation of fivefold ministers everywhere.

Find out where you are along this journey. If you have felt a roadblock in your ministry, business, or social life, find out why. Pinpoint where you are in His process of making you into a success. And finally... get the practical "how to's" of building a life of success!

This teaching contains the following messages:

  1. The Palace of Solomon
  2. Solomon is our example of how to build each area of our lives according to God's pattern. When you do it right, then you will walk in success. A powerful introduction that will put the spotlight on your life and help you build the ruins and rise up as God intended you to!

    The Three Roads

    The Temple

    The Ships of Tarshish

    The Palace of Solomon - the "Bridge" between the two

  3. Developing the Social Road
  4. When you expect too much from someone, you can destroy your relationships. On the other hand, if you do not expect anything from someone, you will drift apart. So, what is the balance here? Learn what to expect from whom, and your ministry, business, and social life will suddenly turn around for the better. Good relationships will make your business a success, make your ministry worth giving up all for, and make your social life heaven on earth!

    The 5 Circles of Relationships

    What you should expect from each circle

    Identifying whose circle you are in

    Treating each group correctly = successful relationships!

  5. The Fivefold Ministry for a New Generation
  6. Your life has been a preparation for the calling on your life! In fact, what God has done cannot help but influence every area of your life. So, instead of just leaning on your call for ministry, how about identifying these new strengths that God has given to you and use them in both business and in your social life? What you do not realize is that God has already given you all the tools you need to become a success - you are just not using them correctly. This message will explode a whole new world of possibilities for you!

    Your life has been a preparation for your calling

    How ministry training shapes your character

    How each of the fivefold ministry function in ministry

    How each of the fivefold ministry function in business

    How each of the fivefold ministry function in the social arena

  7. Teamwork - Find your "Distinguishing Mark"
  8. Without other people, you will never be a success. No longer will we see "God's man for the hour" but rather we will see "God's Team for the Hour" rising up in the Church. Find out what it means to establish such a team and also to find your place in one. With the apostle at the helm, it is going to take every believer to complete the pattern that God has for His Church. Find your clan, find your place, and take the land that God has given to you.

    Raise Your Banner - Standing in your convictions

    The role of marriage in ministry

    God is using family teams!

    Where each of the fivefold ministry belong in the team

    Finding your clan - establishing and identifying the "distinguishing mark" that God has given to you.


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