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Prophetic Mandate (E-Book)
By Colette Toach
Type: E-Book - 177 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-62664-091-7

Price:  R 200.00

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The Prophetic Mandate

Everyone wants to be a prophet, but being a prophet is so much more than just prophesying and flowing in the gifts. It is a long road of training, dying to the flesh, and being put in the fire again and again to become the vessel that the Lord desires you to be. But for those who actually survive the refining process and make it to prophetic office, what happens next?

Find out in The Prophetic Mandate what the call on your life is really about. If you have made it to prophetic office, it is merely the beginning of walking out your true purpose in the body of Christ to equip his people and help bring His bride to unity and maturity. Apostle Colette gives you all the details, insight, and practical how to's of what the Lord gives each and every prophet once they reach office: a mandate.

  • Learn what your next steps are after you reach office
  • What your real place is in the body of Christ
  • How to be the leader that everyone wants to follow
  • What you actually need to be doing with your prophetic office

Do not let the price you have paid go to waste. Walk out your calling with all the power, anointing, and authority the Lord has given you!


Chapter 01 - The Foundation of Prophets and Apostles

You are in Office- Now What?
Laying Your Prophetic Foundation
2. Implementation of the Foundation
Everyone Pays a Price
What is Your Prophetic Mandate?

Chapter 02 - Phase 1: Internship

There is More to Being a Prophet
First Step After Office: Internship
God had a Bigger Plan
Your Leadership Training Begins
Things Get Busy
What is Your Mountain?
Defining a Leader
Getting "Out" There
This Phase Will Transform You

Chapter 03 - Phase 2: Your Place in the Fivefold

Calling vs. Prophetic Office
Why You Needed Prophetic Boot Camp
The Prophets and the Apostles
Find Your Place in the Fivefold
The Role of the Apostle
Function of Prophetic Office
You Need a Pattern
Starting a New Movement
The Prophetic Anointing

Chapter 04 - Phase 3: Local vs. Universal Church

Your Function in the Local Church
Your Function in the Universal Church
You Need to Operate at Both Levels
You Have an Edge
Bring Unity to the Church
Maturing the Saints
Time to Start Laying a Foundation
What Inheritance Are You Leaving Behind?
More Than One Pattern
You are Part of a Movement

Chapter 05 - Phase 4: Social Maturity

The Beautiful People
Becoming a Socialite
Saying Words That Matter
How to Make Friends

Chapter 06 - Phase 5: Confidence in Who You Are

Standing in Courage
Feeding the Need
Confidence Comes By Stepping Out

Chapter 07 - Phase 6 - Become an Example

How to Share Your Failures Effectively
Share Problems from the Past
No More "Holier Than Thou"
Using Personal Stories for Illustration
What Preparation and Training Accomplishes

Chapter 08 - Resurrection of Your Vision

Perception of the Vision
Clearing Your View
The Transition Phase
Why The Death?
How to Recognize Resurrection of a Vision
Time for Action
Excerpt - Chapter 08: Resurrection of Your Vision

You Have Changed

You are going to see that you do not see things the way you saw them back then. You are not going to have those same insecurities now. It is a strange feeling when that happens. You stand up waiting for the problems to be there, or those feelings to come back, but to your surprise, they are not there.

Suddenly, you realize that you can do this. That is why you needed to walk down those old roads. You needed to see that you have changed and that you can handle this now. You needed to get the conviction for yourself.

The first time you faced this, you pretended to be able to handle it, but you really can handle these things because now you are a different person. The key is to not look at the past as an example. You will walk down old roads, but do not look at the failures of the past.

You are not the failure now that you were back then. The best part is that you do not have to face this alone anymore. Jesus may have ascended to heaven, but He said, "Go and wait for me in Jerusalem. I am sending you the promise. I am sending you fire. I am going to enable you and charge you."

He Will Empower You

The vision that died so long ago is going to open up before you now. The Lord is going to open those doors, but now, He is going to empower you to accomplish the vision as He foresaw it all along.

Did God miss it? Did God fail? No. The vision was true and real, but you were not. The vision was of God. You just needed to change. You will stand before this door expecting the same things to happen, like a rerun of a T.V. show, but this time Lord has rewritten this rerun with a happy ending.

It has a different ending because you will be viewing this with different eyes. You will approach this thing with a greater confidence. You will not be limited by your archetype or your weaknesses because you have gone through that process of death and change.

It does not take much intelligence to see the circumstances opening up in front of you. Watch for the signs. You will see that the doors will begin to open and it is for you to decide whether or not to walk in them.

2nd Milestone: A New Anointing

God will arrange it. When Jesus walked the earth, He sent His disciples out two by two. They went and shared, and He gave them authority to heal the sick, raise the dead and to do everything that He did, right?

Look what happened on the day of Pentecost. Peter was empowered with the Holy Spirit and he stood there and people came to Christ by the masses. We did not see two little disciples dragging along a dusty road anymore.

Peter stood up endued with power from on high and three thousand were saved in one day. He had a greater ability because he was not the man that he was before. Peter had a new maturity, fire, and understanding.

He was not the same Peter that said, "Jesus, you cannot die." He was not the same Peter saying, "I want to sit on your left or right side," or wondering what would happen to John. He changed and his views changed.

How do we know that? Later in the Scriptures it says that, "The men that turned Jerusalem around have come here also."

It says of the disciples that people could tell that they had been with Jesus. They had matured and changed.

Now, they were ready to fulfill the vision that God had given them all along. God has had this vision since Genesis. The Lord told Eve that the serpent would try to strike the heel of her seed, but that her seed would crush his head.

Since the very beginning, He has had a vision for you, too. He has a goal, a picture in His mind, that He wants you to fulfill.

Do not think that God has left you, or forgotten about you. He has a vision for you, even if it seems that it has died, it will not be like that forever.

Resurrection is the Priority

The greatest part of the process is the resurrection of the vision. We are so busy concentrating on the death of the vision and on the travail that we forget the dynamic power of the resurrection that comes with it.

This is where the real change and work comes. When did the disciples do the greatest work, when Jesus walked the earth? Or after He had ascended? It was after Jesus had ascended.

Day by day, they were adding numbers to the Church, and they were being empowered and filled with the Holy Spirit. They saw signs and wonders. Where was the greatest power? The greatest power was in resurrection.

Sure there are some hurdles that you will have to jump, but when you realize what the goal is ahead, does that not make it worth jumping? Instead of complaining about John only having to jump three hurdles and you five hurdles, you just need to focus on getting to the goal.

Let's press on. The Lord is not withholding the resurrection nor the desire, fire and passion from you. It is there. Can you not see it in the spirit? It is right within your grasp, if you can just press forward.

In conclusion to this chapter, remember that you are not the same person anymore. Embrace your resurrection and press forward toward the mark. Do not give up, or let up. Do not let the enemy lie to you and tell you that God has forgotten you.

If you want to stay in that hole forever, you are welcome to do so. However, God has a resurrection for you if you would just press on toward the mark.

Jesus came to this earth to resurrect, not just to die. Resurrecting was His main job. We are called to walk in dynamic and resurrection power, not to die. The death should be something that is quick.

The resurrection is what we walk out, walk in, live and breathe. Let's walk forward in resurrection power. Let's throw off the grave clothes and realize that God has a greater vision and plan, and with it, dynamic power.


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