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Dear Patricia,

The legend continues in your church!

If the church was a party the prophet is a pi?ata! Easy to poke at, happy to be in front of everyone, and you only see what's really inside after a little bit of a beating! Prophets get a bad wrap... and for good reason!

The church is in desperate need of prophets! With such amazing gifts, and a true hunger and love for the Lord they are a blessing to the body of Christ. Unfortunately, they are often placed as "house prophet" before they are ready... this often leads to a lot of mistakes that should have been made in the secret place before the Lord.

Elijah made a big spectacle for all to see that the Lord was indeed the one and true God! After making a huge embarrassment of the prophets of baal he decided to get straight out of dodge and head for a nice quiet brook where he could learn from the Lord. It was here where the Lord taught him what it meant to be His prophet and gave the skills and instructions he needed to walk out his call. It was here where he could fail and have God protect him.

In the same way prophets are still manifesting the gifts upon being saved and when they are supposed to be hidden away and taught by the Lord, they are being forced to play a role they weren't yet ready for. 

They are being robbed of their personal training process and because of it... the church suffers. 
They end up giving false words and getting into deception because they don't know any better. If they only would have had that time and training then maybe they would not have to go through such hardships.

It's a hard truth and not a pretty one but none the less it is our reality. The Lord gave the AMI Prophetic school clear instructions to be the voice the Prophetic movement hears and listens too.

Not because we need the recognition or fame but because God has anointed us to train up His prophets in the secret place and to give them that safe environment where they can grow, fail, and make all of the rookie mistakes a prophet in training needs to make.

Because of this, they leave the school knowing how to hear God's voice for themselves and for others. They learn how to release blessing and decree into the earth. They learn how to fight on behalf of the church and give the body of Christ direction.

It isn't our fire to stand up and be heard, it is our passion to give the Prophets the voice of God again and to give them back to the church as gifts.
If you were moved by this and the Lord is speaking to you then it is time for us to make a choice. Are we going to be obedient to the will of God, or aren't we?

Take arms and join us in this movement and let's give the prophets a safe place to be (Lord knows they need it)! If the Lord has placed a prophet on your heart or if you yourself are a prophet, here is how you can get involved.
1. Get connected on Facebook! Shout, rant, make a video or a blog. The prophets need to know we are out there so post on Facebook about what AMI has done for you and why we can help them. Be sure to tag Apostolic Movement International.

2. Speak to your leaders! Maybe you have a pastor or an apostle who would like to get connected with us. You won't know unless you ask so be sure to involve them and send them our way.

3. Send everyone to our Prophetic School page! This link will take them straight to our new Prophetic School page where they can get connected and learn all about us. At the very least, you must get this link out there.
The change of the church begins with you, and we can't do this alone. Only you can help us reach the people in your life, once we are introduced we can do all the leg work from there but until then we need your help!

So what do you say, shall we make a prophets day? Sounds like a plan to me! I hope to speak with you soon and change some lives together.

With love and blessings, 

Dalton Beckering 
Bookshop Manager 
Apostolic Movement International 

Phone:  +1 (619) 558-6441

5663 Balboa Ave #416, SAN DIEGO, CA, 92111

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