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Meet the Team!

Craig and Colette Toach

Apostles and Founders of Apostolic Movement International.

With a fire to disciple, parent and raise fivefold ministry leaders into the fullness of their capacity, Apostle Craig and Colette are best known for their hearts to parent and impart what they have to others. The Lord uses them extensively to minister internationally, but you only need to spend time with them to know that they heart lies in the one on one training of their team and leaders that God sends to them for healing, equipping and release.

My Favorite Product: The Apostolic Handbook

Why: It was one of my most intimate journeys and the book that took me the longest to write. It is the map the Lord gave me as I went on my apostolic journey and what I want to give you to help you avoid the pitfalls I faced!

Why You are Important to Me: Because no journey that God sends us on is done without fire and the cross and while I cannot walk the road for you, I know how much you need someone to stand by the cross and see you through that fire. It's why I do what I do.


Nathan Berry
Apostle and Team Leader Apostolic Movement International Headquarters, San Diego

A team builder with a fire to assemble Godís leaders and put them in place. Leading the fivefold ministry team with his wife, Apostle Chaifa Berry, Nathan is used of the Lord to go where others do not want to go and to challenge what they are too afraid to face. Loyalty, follow through and dedication are some of the characteristics that set him apart. Our customers have come to love and respect him as he motivates them in their personal walk.

My Favorite Product: Apostolic Mandate

Why: I LOVE this book!! It truly captures the anointing, the tedious steps of the journey, and the travail that EVERY apostle encounters. Most of all, it launches you forward and empowers you to step out once again and to build and establish the kingdom of God.

Why You are Important to Me: We are a body and without YOU we are incomplete. You are valuable and precious and even if you do not realize, you have a tremendously important part to play in establishing this city that God will set upon a hill for all to see.

Jessica Toach
Resident Pastor Apostolic Movement International Headquarters, San Diego

Bringing both her skill for graphic design and her dedication to the bookshop since she was 17, you will not find anyone more dedicated to helping you fulfill your call. In amongst her duties as pastor, wife and leader her heart lies in giving you what you need to fulfill your purpose. Jessica has her hands full working with leaders, providing pastoral counseling alongside her husband and making sure that you are covered spiritually as a customer - you can rest assured that you have a powerful team at your back!

My Favorite Product: The Way of Dreams and Visions Book and Symbol Dictionary

Why: When I first came to designing the covers of these books, I felt like I was changing the face of the ministry. By the time I finished, I felt the Lord's presence on them and I know I was not the one who designed those covers... He did!

Why You are Important to Me: You have walked through the valley and through the cold nights and I want to be there for you like Jesus was there for me.


Austin Toach
Resident Pastor Apostolic Movement International Headquarters, San Diego

Standing as a pillar next to Jessica as a pastor at our headquarters, Austin is also the one with a head for numbers. He is responsible for all accounting and bookkeeping but most of all... making sure that you are covered spiritually and that you get your order on time. Although gentle by nature, he is fiercely committed to making sure that you, are taken care of. To him, you are not a customer... you are our family and his passion is to make sure you know it!

My Favorite Product: Called to The Ministry

Why: The perfect introduction for a new believer. An answer to the age old question, "What am I doing here?"

Why You are Important to Me: You are important to me, because I have been in your shoes. I know what a difference this bookshop can make to your life.


Dalton Beckering
Minister and Administrator Apostolic Movement International, San Diego

Our newest edition to the team, Dalton comes with a fire to see you know Jesus in a way you never did before. If he had his way, we would only sell ďHow to Hear the Voice of God!Ē His passion is to give you what you need to enter into intimacy with Jesus. Currently going through the process of prophetic training (PIT), you can be sure that your back is covered in prayer and decree every single day as this PIT does spiritual warfare on your behalf and releases Godís blessing on your life.

My Favorite Product: How to Hear the Voice of God

Why: This set is amazing because of how it clears up all the confusion you had about being who you are and what you are supposed to be replaces that with the certainty of God's love. You never have to live this life alone ever again.

Why You are Important to Me:
You are important to me because we are the body of Christ, when one mourns we all mourn, when one rejoices we all rejoice. Jesus never intended for us to walk this road alone, he wanted us to strengthen and encourage each other. So please don't try to do this alone it is our greatest desire to see you grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord and see you reach the fullness of your authority in the lord.


Christof Schmid
Minister and I.T. Specialist, Apostolic Movement International

Quick to learn something new and with a heart for Godís people. Christof is not only an invaluable asset to the team bringing with his IT knowledge, but is the glue that keeps the pieces together with his pastoral heart. In amongst continuing his Pastoral studies, he is the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave. His ministry is not only to you - our customer- but also to the team when they need the encouragement the most.

My Favorite Product: The Way of Dreams and Visions

Why: It helped me to finally understand the voice of God

Why You are Important to Me:
I want you to be equipped for your journey with the Lord, and to find the answer you have been looking for, for so long.


Kelly Dusek
Floor Manager Apostolic Movement International South Africa Bookshop

My Favorite Product: Strategies of War

Why: Strategies of War - When you realize that you are not a victim, you become the VICTOR.

Why You are Important to Me: It took me many years to understand that I was giving the enemy too much airtime! When I realized it was my iniquity that was giving him license to steal and destroy me. His hay day quickly came to an end. It burns in me to see you walk in the blessing and favor of the Lord, not fight for your blessing and favor.

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Called to Succeed
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Todays Apostle (Book)

You, apostle, are the orchestrator of God's work, and your band is the fivefold ministry. You are called to lead them into harmony with the instruments and gifts that God has given them. For it is your job to bring this band into line and find a place for each one.

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Todays Fivefold Office Series (Books)

What functions are you called to complete? What is the function of each of the offices of the fivefold? Does a prophet really only speak for God and wait around for the rest? Is the evangelist's only function to heal people? What does an apostle do? Get your answers here!

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