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Download FREE Sample For : Mentorship 101 (Book)

To download your sample, right click on any links below. A menu will pop up containing several options
If you are using Internet Explorer, select the menu option that says 'Save Target As'
Other browsers will have a similar option
You will then see Windows Explorer asking you to save the download file, or select a different folder to save it in.
Once you ok this, your sample file will be downloaded from the Internet and saved to your computer hard drive
To read an ebook, or listen to an audio mp3, you need to simply find it in Windows Explorer and double click it.

Ebooks need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read .pdf files, so you must download and install this first before you can read your ebook.
MP3 files should play automatically in Windows, but you can use your own player software if you wish

You can download Adobe Reader for free from Adobe's website at

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